mardi 4 avril 2006

Honte d'être Slobo?

Echange fortuit et cocasse sur le net. Je reçois un e-mail d’un abonné suivant le même forum anglophone sur le développement Web. Lui réponds avec mon vrai prénom, relevant que nous sommes quasi voisins (il est Grison). Il réplique en me signalant qu'il est parrain d'un "malheureux" en Serbie et se félicitant de la mort de Slobo “malgré la tristesse de Carla”, puis tente de se rattraper dans le message suivant: “Euh, pardon, c’est pas parce qu’il y a eu Staline qu’on ne doit pas s’appeler Joseph”, etc.

Bref, l’occasion est trop belle d'épingler la mauvaise conscience et l'aveuglement concomitant des Occidentaux. Dernière réplique ci-dessous:

Well, frankly Reihnard, knowing what has happened over there (I served as an "expert/witness" at an early ICTY process and accompanied the Elie Wiesel international inquiry team sent to the "death camps" in Bosnia), i am confident that the judgment of history will wipe some dirt off my name and lay it on those of Carla, William, Franjo, Helmut, Alija, etc. The only difference between Slobo and his rivals was that they were backed by the West, while he wasn't. I didn't like him. He and his family ruined Serbia, he was guilty, but not in the way it has been presented here.

I never even considered using my second name (Anton, due to my Croat half) since 1990. Not just because not every Adolf was Hitler, but because even Slobo was not the Slobo they loved to picture. Had he been so obviously guilty, they'd have fed us with news from his trial every day and every hour instead of censoring it since the very beginning of his defence. I had to follow it through the internet and Serbian B-92 TV... and got the evidence that it was merely a kangaroo court. They needed a justification for the '99 bombing and uranium poisoning of civilians in Serbia and the subsequent Kosovo cleansing, and the nasty Slobo was the scapegoat. But he was a tough player. As he started providing witnesses and evidence against the western warmongering in the Balkans, they turned off the media lights, refused the basic medical care to an ill man, he died, and then they accused him of suicide... That's all. That's how it's always been. Nothing new. Carla herself declared to the NZZ that she had been "tried by the Americans" before she got her job. I just wonder why most people here don't see the pattern linking the destruction of Yugoslavia to the current destruction of Iraq.

So you don't need to apologise ;-) 

Those silly political arguments put aside, I am very glad to read that you are a "kum" to someone in Serbia. This world is so small! 

Our love is much more efficient than our opinions. That is why I am so sceptical towards the world affairs. 

Back to our business : I also need a CMS, am tired of RW, but I quiver at the very mention of "php" or "SQL", etc. Shall we try that Mambo stuff? 

... it's "dobar dan". And "Zdravo"!


Le 4 avr. 06 à 12:12, Reinhard Maag a écrit :
Further to the previous note...

You might bear the first name Slobodan and then again it may only be a
way of getting even and for safty's sake you use Sava as 'nom de couriel'...

Sorry for having muddled here. - But then, think! So many Joe, Sepp,
Joseph, Giuseppe, Jose, Jozip etc around. Inspite. For some loathsome
ones we remember: Djugashvili, Goebbels, McCarthy and politess forbids
mentiong others who have at least a checkered record.

Reinhard / sursilvan

Tue, 4 Apr 2006 10:44:06 +0200 from Xenia

Good morning, Sursilvan.

I suppose we are neigbours (Vevey, VD).

Your notice is interesting. By the way, Dan did not answer to a
personal message of mine after he responded publicly to our thread.

As for IE/PC problems: I spent weeks - literaly ! -- redesigning and
testing a RW theme in order to have it working on 90% of world's
browsers... And no other answers from RW community but: "Who cares
about the IE garbage?"

On the other hand, it has enormous possibilities. I am in trouble,
just like you...

Mit meinen besten Grüssen,

Slobodan Despot (Sava)

Le 4 avr. 06 à 08:30, sursilvan a écrit :

sursilvan from Realmac Software has sent you a message. You can
reply to sursilvan by replying to this e-mail.

The message reads as follows:

Thanks for your contribution!

Notice how all the threads are being shut down except
started by deplorable welcomingbirth (well, dunno whether RW sites
remain happy design babies)?

I will have to redesign using another software. Not only failed Dan
et all to respond to the Contact Form threat (known as of Sept 05),
there are more issues. Some themes cause trouble for that IE/PC-
majority out there...

In the end it prooves an old adage: You get what you pay for.


Realmac Software Mailer

E D I T I O N S  X E N I A
Case postale 395
CH-1800 Vevey
tel. +41 21 921 85 05
fax  +41 21 921 05 57

E D I T I O N S  X E N I A
Case postale 395
CH-1800 Vevey
tel. +41 21 921 85 05
fax  +41 21 921 05 57

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